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Forest Weddings in KZN

Providing DJ’s & PA Systems at Venues with No Electricity or limited power availability.

Forest Weddings have rapidly become the most beautiful backdrops for a Wedding Ceremony in KZN. The joy of new beginnings and life takes on a whole new shape and adventure. Like all good fairy tales, what better place to start the story, than a beautiful forest?

This is the one day that most of us have dream’t about since we were little. Forest Weddings are the perfect backdrop to celebrate the most beautiful union.
For a minute, close your eyes and imagine the whistle of a breeze, hay bales perfectly placed for your guests, the sound of the leaves rustling on the ground..

Forest Weddings also have great advantages to them. The Forest provides a sense of stillness, calm and tranquility. This is no coincidence, as scientific evidence suggests that forests have the following benefits on us, both physically and emotionally, as further reasons why a forest wedding makes so much sense. The benefits of having a Forest Ceremony are as follows

  • Reduces stress – exactly what a bride and groom need.
  • Is energising
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure

Power for Forest Weddings..

One Problem though? In most cases, there is NO Electricity in the Forest..

The KZN Wedding DJ team provide Battery Inverters& Battery operated PA Systems & Wireless Microphones in areas where power is not available, IE: The KZN Midlands have some beautiful Forest Wedding Ceremony Venues! We have Inverter technology that allows us to provide Power in these areas for many hours.
This is perfect for your Forest or Beach Wedding Ceremonies. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Which venues have Forest Weddings?

Forest Weddings have become really popular and therefore quite a few KZN Midlands Wedding Venues have beautiful forest facilities. We have listed a few of these Venues below:

The Venue Fontana
Shalwyn Wedding Venue
Bellwood Wedding Venue
Providence Country Weddings
Haycroft Farm
Calderwood Hall
Lythwood Lodge

DJ Jarryd SUnkel - KZN Wedding DJ Durban - Professional Wedding DJ
DJ Jarryd SUnkel - KZN Wedding DJ Durban - Professional Wedding DJ
Forest Weddings - KZN Wedding DJ Durban - Professional Wedding DJ

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