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The InstaPod Hashtag Printer

The InstaPod Hashtag Printer is a revolutionary Live Social Media Printing facility which allows your Customers or Guests to Print Live Photos instantly from Social media. The InstaPod hosts a top of the range high Quality Dye-Sublimation which offers Lab-quality printing in sizes up to A5.  We have a friendly team of Socialites who will be on-site to assist your guests.

The InstaPod offers:

  • Instant Quality Dye-Sublimation Prints
  • All sizes up to A5 (4×6″, 6×8″  , 2×6″)
  • Customized Branding on Prints
  • Hashtag Display Board
  • Large range of Customizable Templates available
  • Twitter & Isntagram Printing (Whatsapp Printing is on its way in 2017)

HOW does it work?

It’s simple! So You having an event right? Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Exhobition, Corporate Function.. Anything.  The InstaPod allows you to have your own Personal Printer which will automatically print ANY Photo you wish when uploaded to Instagram or Twitter. All you have to do is choose a #Hashtag and you ready to go! Our “Pod” has its own WiFi Network which will allow us to collect all your Hashtags and Instantly print these into a 4×6 or 6×8 Print.. also known as a “Jumbo”  or “SUPER Jumbo” Photograph. SIMPLY & EASY!

Hashtag Printing | The InstaPod

Our #Hashtag Prints

These are a few of our Hashtag Prints – We have many Happy Clients!

InstaPod Social media Printer

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