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Getting to know Jarryd Sunkel

November 10, 2017

A chat with Jarryd Sunkel..

In getting to know Jarryd I have realized that aside from the dapper, red bowtie (and in some cases Pink) clad professional that pulls off seamless wedding after wedding, there is so much more to him as a person. He has a vibrancy and passion for his business and offers a unique experience that is rare to find in our overworked society. His effervescent personality shines through in his commitment as a great friend, but also in his drive to allow people to feel included and heard, a skill that he harnesses and takes through to his clients too. In the time I have known him I have been inspired by how efficient he is via communicating and offering a well-rounded service to all who hire him. To his friends he always open for a chat, caring and knows how to break it down on the dance floor. Together with his lovely fiancé Emma it has been so wonderful to be on the receiving end of their hospitality on a friendship level, but also to see the integrity with which they live. In a bid to delve in a bit further I decided to chat to Jarryd about what makes his mind tick and what makes his business so successful. Let’s learn more about the man in the bowtie...

We sat with Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ, one of Durban's most popular Wedding DJ's and chatted to him about the industry and he gave us a few tips about booking service providers. He also chatted to us about "Jarryd the DJ behind the scenes"

Q: Having been in the wedding and DJ’ing business for over a decade, what advice would you give to brides planning their ideal wedding day and celebration?

A: I have certainly heard and seen some really horrid things happen at Weddings and its really sad because NO Wedding is cheap and in saying that, would like to offer our upcoming bridal couples a few tips

Cheap isn’t always good & Good isn’t always cheap

When researching Wedding service providers, get at least 3 quotes from each provider and stick to comparing “apples with apples”. I have too often seen the disappointment brought into what was meant to be “the most joyous occasion of their lives”.  I once read “if you think a professional provider is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur” and that stuck with me in all walks of life.

Your DJ makes or breaks your Wedding

Your DJ really does make or break your Wedding.  Unfortunately there are quite a few fly by night DJ’s around. Check testimonials but first, ask your friends and family who have recently got married who they could recommend.  I actually have an awesome list of Professional service providers who I can highly recommend and ill be happy to assist by sharing this list with you.

Your Vibe, Your Tribe

I Love this saying – “Your Vibe is your Tribe”  In other words, you are who you attract and lets be honest no Bridal couple wants a DJ sitting clicking a play button on their laptop and not interacting with the crowd.  Make sure you “click” with your Providers, after all; together they are making your Wedding Day, THAT day you will always remember!

Lastly,  whilst sitting at your Wedding Reception, sit back and take in the moment, the love of the guests that have traveled far and wide to be a part of your special celebration. I promise – the night will be over before you know it.


Q: You offer the music to set the scene, but your Insta Booth offers a whole different experience in capturing the fun, crazy moments of a wedding or event. How does your booth differ from others out there?

The Instabooth is one of the most eye-catching Photobooth’s in Kwa-Zulu Natal and comprises of the best Computer Technology around to ensure guests have the best Photobooth experience possible.
I come from a Photographic background as my Uncle  & cousin Kurt own a very well known Photographic company based in cape Town called Studio 22 – Im sure most of the photographers know of them as well. I personally own a Canon 7D which I take to Weddings to capture “Dance floor moves” and put these onto my Wedding Blog.  

The best part of having The Instabooth at your Wedding or Event is the fact that your get ALL the Photos which are taken on the night, on a USB Drive. We load the original photos as well as your Photo Strips. Its such a "kiff " accessory to include in your Wedding budget.

Instabooth Photobooth Hire in Durban KZNQuestion time...

Sitting with Jarryd at a Coffee shop and off the cuff, decided to ask a few random questions and see how he answered them. In true Jarryd style, this was his reply.

Jarryd’s Favourites:

Your favourite first dance song? Brad Paisley - Then

Your favourite TV show? Superstore

Your best wedding or event memory?  I have many – keen to go for coffee??  PG21... #justsaying


If you had to pick – which would it be?

Wedding cake or dessert bar? Dessert Bar

Fine wine or fun cocktails? Cocktails most Definitively

Dance the night away or chill on the couch? Hmmmm… I really enjoy a good party so I’ll take dancing.. wait… Cant I take both?

Big wedding or eloping? Eloping , I can party on an island too!

Posed photos or silly snaps? Silly snaps but sometimes I have to pose.. well try anyway!

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook - Tweeter .. sorry I mean Twitter isn't my vibe! Oh - How about you head over to The KZN Wedding DJ Facebook Page and give me a LIKE??

KZN Midlands Wedding DJ Jarryd Sunkel | Professional Wedding DJ, MC & Photobooth Specialist in South Africa

What you DONT KNOW??

I asked Jarryd to share a few things that people DONT know about him and this is what he had to say.

Tell us ONE thing most people dont know about you.
I use Hair gel pretty much every day.. I'm kidding.. ok wait you put me on the spot now (blush)
I once dressed up as a hobo (begger) for Halloween and made R20 from a guy that felt sorry for me (my sisters idea)

Do you regret anything?
Hell NO!! Every mistake (i've made quite a few) i've made in my life, i have learn't from and its honestly moulded me into the person I am today and im super happy with that! Don't get me wrong, there are days i wish i had made a slightly different decision in life but i certainly don't regret it.


What you dont know right now is who conducted this awesome interview.. So on that note,
THANK YOU to Nadia Van Der Mescht for taking the time to chat to me over a cuppa coffee (Wait... it was actually orange juice). Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Nadia, your creativity is beyond me and your pure skill amazes me! Thanks to YOU for reading and I trust you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Watch this space for the sequel of "Getting to Know Jarryd Sunkel.. Part 2"



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