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Q & A with Jarryd Sunkel

April 17, 2014

What got your started with Music/DJ-ing?

“It all started at the age of 10 when my Dad arranged the music for a friend of ours 40th Birthday. The setup consisted of a 2 Channel Amplifier & a double tape deck. This was my very first gig, and I have photos to prove it… lol! My passion for music has become my lifestyle – Its who I am.”

Why do you love DJing at weddings?

“There are several different generations of people at any Wedding I attend so I am able to play many different genres of music. I am not limited to one genre of music as it would be in a club or a concert. My taste in  music is very diverse and this allows me to play any genre of music.”

Why is it important to choose a professional DJ for your wedding?

“Your wedding is one day in your life that you expect everything to be perfect. Amongst all the service providers which you choose, your DJ is one of the most important. Do your homework and choose a DJ who has traceable references & most importantly, have seen in action before

Professional Durban Wedding DJ in Suth Africa for Weddings & Corporate Events in Kwa-Zulu Natal

What is your go-to song to open the dance floor at one of your weddings?
“I got quite a few actually. Avicii - Wake me up is one of them...What a Tune!!!”

If you could DJ at any destination in the world, where would it be and why?
“It would definiately have to be on the beaches of Ibiza. The feeling a DJ gets when Mixing in front of thousands of fans… INCREDIBLE!!!”

Why did you choose the iconic Red Bow-Tie for KZN Wedding DJ?

“I like to be different…. Which DJ that YOU know wears a Red Bow-Tie?  I chose the colours red, black & white in 2002 for my very first DJ brand – JS Music Technologies. From this brand, I brought with me a wealth of knowledge and started what today is a well known Wedding DJ brand that called "KZN Wedding DJ.”

What song is next to play in your car right now?

“Avicii - Trouble”

Professional Durban Wedding DJ in Suth Africa for Weddings & Corporate Events in Kwa-Zulu Natal

What is your ultimate goal in life?

“My long tern goal in life is to be successful and have a family to share my success with. Happiness is a direction – Not a place!”

What is the happiest moment in your Life?

“My sister has lived in the UK for 10 years and a few years ago we decided to arrange a surprise for my mom. Nicola (my sister), booked her ticket 4 months in advance and we kept things on the downlow and tried our hardest NOT to let “the cat out the bag”. Throughout the months my Mom hinted things like “wish Nicola was here for Christmas” & “I wonder what restaurant Nicola would want to go to if she was here”. We certainly thought my mom has smelt a rat by all the secretive emailing and sms-ing. Well…. The day came & we headed off to the airport to fetch a "friend" from JHB (Yes I had to say JHB as this was where she was flying from).
My Happiest moment was seeing the tears of joy on my moms face after 4 months of planning &  keeping a secret. In utter surprise, my Dad didn’t recognise her & decided to extend his hand and say “Hi, I'm Jarryd's Dad" to which she replied.. "DAD ITS ME.. NICOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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