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How to Choose a Wedding DJ - The BEST TIPS!

October 1, 2019

You're engaged and now in the process of planning one of the biggest milestones that you will ever experience. Most Brides will agree that entertainment is the determining factor in the success of their Wedding. Finding the right service providers to make your big day is one of the most crucial decisions - remember these dedicated teams will be the success factor. Yes, there are plenty of providers that will "do it cheaper" but cheap isn't always good & is that what you want on your Wedding day? We have compiled a list of tips on how to choose your Wedding DJ.

In a recent Interview with Get-It Magazine, I was asked a question that I would like to share with you - and once the Magazine is published - I'll post the article here.
The Question - "What advice or tips do you have for upcoming Bridal couples when booking their Wedding DJ?"


1 - When booking your Wedding DJ, make sure he is available to meet and discuss your Wedding with you. Booking a Wedding DJ that is in the same province as your Wedding Venue is highly recommended. Your DJ should be able to sit down with you and offer you his valued experience.

2 -  When booking your Wedding DJ, make sure he is actually the DJ who will be playing at your Wedding. The last thing you want is being the guinea pig to some amateur DJ with no Wedding experience.

3 - REVIEWS - Look for negative feedback or testimonials from past brides or grooms. Look for reviews on Facebook, Google Business & Hello Peter. These reviews are well trusted and come from reliable sources. If you cannot find any reviews or testimonials for your Wedding DJ - that should be your first alarm bell and trigger the question "how long has he even been DJ-ing for" With Facebook's History - You can even see if the page name has been changed. Make sure the Facebook page has been verified with Facebook - just another box checked for authenticity.

4 -  Advertising in a Magazine or Wedding publication does not mean that your Wedding DJ (or any other Wedding service provider) is great at what they do. Again, ensure your Wedding DJ is based in the same province - often DJ agencies from other cities or provinces advertise their services but cannot meet with you.

5 - Beware of DJ's that offer discounts for paying in full, upfront. Make sure you do a background check on your DJ as mentioned above. A reputable DJ company will not be using a GMAIL account and a simple Google search for his name should prove his existence in the industry.

6 - If it sounds too good to be true - it usually is.  If your DJ promises you services that usually cost thousands yet they are willing to give this to you at no cost - #AlarmBellsShouldRing

A great Wedding DJ is a lot more than just pushing the play button and playing music. It's about being consistent at every wedding you play at.   This is your Wedding Day we talking about which means there have been sacrifices made and financial contributions from family members to make this big day a Once in a lifetime occasion -  Your Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration - make it count.

So, you've followed our guide and found yourself a really great DJ that meets all the above criteria, now what? We have listed a few questions for him to answer. Remember, as a bride or groom, you will know when you have the right DJ.



Q:  Will you be at our Wedding or do you send one of your DJ's?
A:  Yes, It’s of utmost importance that your DJ understands your needs from start to finish and “passing the buck” is a very unprofessional approach. In the unlikely event that I am not able to attend, one of my referral Dj’s who I highly recommend will be contacted. KZN Wedding DJ have alliance partner DJs who we would HIGHLY recommend using in the evening that we are booked. We can also facilitate the booking making your booking experience that much easier.

Q: Where should the DJ table be?
The DJ should be located directly in front of the Dancefloor. Placing your DJ in the corner of the room and having to run cables to the middle of your venue not only looks messy but also isolates the DJ away from the guests.  Remember, The DJ feeds off the energy of your guests.

Q:  Do we need to sign a contract with you??
Yes, we have a clear, informative contract stipulating all the details about your Wedding along with a terms and conditions document. This protects both yourself as the Bride and Groom as well as us.

Q: How many weddings have you played at?
 Its a Fact that as a DJ - we all had a starting point and even I was a rookie at once stage. Rookie DJ's haven't gained enough experience to be able to read the crowd and thus making it difficult for him to get the dancefloor going.  Your DJ must at least have done 100 Weddings to gain such dancefloor experience.

Q: What equipment will he be using at your Wedding?
Your DJ should at least have a separate PA system for Ceremony & Reception. This will avoid any service interruptions. Remember, in most cases, you will require music at 3 separate locations - Ceremony, Pre-Drinks and your reception. A wireless microphone is imperative - so make sure your DJ supplies you with one of these.

Q: Is your Wedding DJ SAMRO Registered?
A: Having a license with SAMRO - South African Music Rights Organisation allows DJ's to play copyrighted music and therefore ensure there are no interruptions at your Wedding. We at KZN Wedding DJ are registered with SAMRO and have a valid license to play at any venue.


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