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Jarryd & Emma’s Wedding

As a Wedding DJ, and having seen hundreds of Weddings in my lifetime, I can honestly say when it’s your own it is TOTALLY different.  Yes, having that experience made life a thousand times easier, I can’t deny that. Emma and I have chatted since then and we can honestly say we would not change anything about our Big day.

We chose Sweet Home Wedding venue situated in Eston, KZN as our Wedding venue. We had both been there many times for other Weddings and had to agree that THIS was the venue we were going to get married “one day”.

Our Love Story

Emma and I met on Tinder back in 2016.. Let me tell you a little more. If you know how Tinder works, then you know there is a radius setting which allows you to choose “matches” closest to your current location. Emma set her location to Ballito and mine was set FAR AWAY from hers and certainly not anywhere close enough to match. However I had a business meeting in Umhlanga this one fine day and whilst waiting for a client, I swiped through Tinder and saw this Beautiful, dark-haired woman appear on my screen – You joke? I’m serious… Well, that was it. One Times SUPERLIKE and a swipe to the right (which means you would like to match with the person). As I was waiting for a client, sitting and thinking “it’s probably a guy with a girls profile… this is tinder” anyway…

That evening, I went to have dinner with my Dad and whilst sitting having a few captains, my phone beeped and to date – its the best notification I ever received… Guess what it said??? “YOU MATCHED WITH EMMA” 

We got chatting and it wasn’t long until Emma asked if we could meet the following day for some coffee. You know my answer right??? HELL YES!! Coffee went well and that was it for us. 1 year Later we got engaged and 2 years later… here we are and the rest is history.

Our Wedding

The wedding planning seriously went off without a hitch. If I have to give advice to absolutely any Wedding couple it would be to do what YOU as a couple want to do. Emma & I sat down and discussed how we would like our Wedding to be REAL. A Wedding is one very special day that you don’t get to do over again – make it count. More often than not, there are many influencing factors and you lose touch of what your Wedding is all about. Keep focused and maintain the “real” approach.
Our Wedding consisted of 67 guests which included our special service providers. Our First Dance was tricky – all along I had this plan of singing a song to Emma but didn’t think I would be able to pull it off (Did you see my emotion in the chapel?). After my Groom speech, hand in hand, we walked to the dancefloor to do our First dance which Emma thought was being played, but I grabbed the mic and sung to her – A song very close to both of our hearts – Brad Paisley – Then

Our Service Providers

We started by Booking our Wedding Venue which as I mentioned was Sweet Home Wedding Venue situated in Eston. We then booked our Photographer – Matt Masson. Matt & I go back to 2012 and he’s not only a brilliant Photographer, but he is also a great friend.  We then booked our Videographer – who else but the talented – Heartistic Productions and awesome DJ – Peter Wilson & Pre-drinks master – Paulo Sergio De Barros – The Human Jukebox. Of course, as you can imagine we had the infamous Instabooth and Instabus to capture those fun, memorable moments Our marriage officer, Beulah from Dream ceremonies conducted the most beautiful ceremony for us. – Thank you to Aisle Hire it for the Instabus, Marquee Letters & Neon Sign.
THANK YOU to each and every person who played such an integral part of our Big day.

DJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets marriedDJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets married DJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets married DJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets marriedDJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets marriedDJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets marriedDJ Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ gets married

Photographer: Matt Masson Weddings
Videographer: Heartistic Productions

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