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Where I begun - DJ Jarryd Sunkel

May 10, 2020

The Wedding industry is an industry like no other. Having been in the industry for many years and celebrated with some of the world's most beautiful Bridal couples - I would like to share a few memories and stories with you.


I started my career in 2002 playing at Birthday Parties of friends (who funny enough, I am still friends with today), family etc. At age 10, I like to say that I DJ'd - No man - it wasn't anything like that.. well kind of. It was my Mom's 40th Birthday that she was sharing with a long time, family friend and they celebrated at a School Hall. There were bagpipers, Balloons,  a "DJ" with his Dad's Hi-Fi System (that's me right over there).. the works.. the only thing I didn't have was lights - actually wait, I think I might have had some robot flashy flashes, anyway..

My System consisted of a Hi-Fi-Amplifier, a double Tape Deck and a small ghetto blaster with one of SA's first CD Players built-in - Now this was cool!
My First Song I ever played was Mariah Carey - Hero - Oh yes and it sounded sweet on those Technics Speakers. I was only 10 and couldn't see over the table - my line of sight as the Tape decks. I also had a little ice-cream tub with me with all sorts of gadgets - A small bottle of Alcohol, just in case those tape deck heads got dirty. A pencil ( I will let you guess why I brought that with - Age give-away) and a variety of other helpful little items.
That was one hell of a party and still gets discussed at gatherings to this day.


A few years later, 8 years to be exact, I found myself behind a set of Stanton S550 CD Players 2x 15" Box Speakers from the local Sound shop who all the Dj's went to buy their gear. Funny story is - upon walking in the shop, I was greeted by the best of smiles - her name was Anisha - Guess what?? To this day, I still buy my sound gear from her - ok credit due - she's moved shops since then 🙂

I think I forgot to mention something - I was 18 with no drivers license due to being Grand Mal Epileptic. My Dad drove me everywhere - We had a small Mazda Hatchback - Anybody remembers the Mazda 323?? yes - that!!!

Off we went - This time it was to a local Yacht Club - Every Wednesday for their Yacht Race after party!!!
The Parties continued and so we made our way around KZN.


2 years later, I attended my Cousins Wedding at a venue in Botha's Hill. I was blown away - This DJ had lights, Pioneer CDJ's and the works!
Oh yes,.. I had to - I went up to him and said "Hi, I'm Jarryd - I'm also a DJ - seriously? but THAT my friends was the true beginning and to date - we are still mates!!
I decided it was time to advertise my business, and slowly start accepting Wedding bookings. That was it!

It wasn't long before I got strongly attached to the love of Weddings. I only did 1 wedding every 2 months or so but it really gave me a kick and I left feeling inspired, on top of the world and blessed to have played a part in 2 humans getting married. After being Fit-Free for 2 years - I decided to attempt getting my drivers license - I nailed it - the first time!! I got myself a car with a HUGE boot - The VW Jetta 2 CLX.

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Who would have thought from playing at a yacht club that I would have a Wedding DJ brand that spiraled to the top of Google? Really?
Truth is, I Love Weddings!!  I'm not sure if I can really explain the kick I get when I have a FULL dancefloor in front of me throwing their hands in the air to the favourite songs. Each Wedding I do is absolutely unique in that the venue is different, the people are different, the experience and setup and acoustics are way different and of course - everybody's music tastes differ.

It hasn't been an easy road getting thus far - There are many challenges that I have faced. Weddings are 99% Weekend based. Weeks fly, Weekends pass, and another beautiful Wedding under my belt. Coming home from a bridal fair, I was hi-jacked and held at Gun-point in broad daylight.

In 2020, we have faced the biggest Challenge in the lifetime of Every single Wedding Service Provider in the world. COVID19 has hit!
None of us truly understood how much we love our jobs until this day.
Every day, I walk into my office & face the "screen of death" - my email inbox with subjects like "Wedding Cancellation" and "Wedding Postponed" -It's such a sad phenomenon.
Its become a nightmare overnight. You know that feeling when something you are so passionate about starts falling through your fingertips?  This is the feeling that runs through our blood during the most difficult time.

The sad part is that our president is allowing thousands of prisoners out of jail but he won't allow gatherings - Good choice sir!


The good news is - We have all learnt a lot from our current situation and I WILL NOT let this pandemic get the better of me. Explore your talents, take time out with the family, explore your cooking and baking skills that you never knew were possible.
We have been exposed to a "New Normal" which I am embracing full-on. This life we have is precious - it cannot be replaced and therefore we need to venture off to find hidden talents.

I would like to thank every single human who has supported both myself & my wife, Emma during this difficult time - When I say support, I mean - You have LIKED our Facebook and social media handles, you have popped us a message of encouragement - the small things.
Saturday Nights for the past 8 weeks have been a blast - Virtual Live Parties are a blast!!  Please LIKE & FOLLOW us on Social media


If you have enjoyed the Virtual Saturday night Parties and would like to donate a Fee to assist us during this difficult time with no Weddings, Please touch base with me directly.

Thank you to all the special humans!
Much Love

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